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Scalara defi index

Boring, Simple, Automated Crypto?

Here at Scalara, we leverage our traditional finance expertise and crypto-native know-how to deliver some of the most innovative index products in the DeFi space. We’ve developed each index with the investor in mind, and each one addresses a unique need. 

Launching Inverse ETH FLI

After launching both the 2x and inverse Flexible Leverage Indices (FLIs) tracking MATIC earlier this week, Scalara now launches the Inverse ETH FLI on Polygon. The Inverse ETH Flexible Leverage Index, or short iETH-FLI-P, is… Read More »Launching Inverse ETH FLI

FLIs are coming to Polygon

After the tremendous success on Ethereum’s Mainnet, Pulse.inc’s Flexible Leverage Index (FLI) methodology was launched for the first time on Polygon by the Index Coop. Flexible Leverage Indices implement a collateralized debt position in a safe and efficient… Read More »FLIs are coming to Polygon