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Selection Criteria

As part of the token inclusion assessment, a wide range of characteristics is considered. The NFT collection needs to pass the following selection criteria:


The NFT collection shows long-term traction. This is measured by reviewing:

  • Historical floor price performance and trading volumes
  • Price reaction to first bear market
  • Strength of community following
  • Recognizability and how well-known the collection is within and outside of the NFT space
  • Time passed since launch


The floor market cap of the NFT collection is greater than 20’000 ETH.


Tangible utility is not a significant driver of the NFT’s value.


No token characteristics prevent liquidity providers from efficiently minting/redeeming, such as:

  • Low supply
  • Low listed/supply ratio
  • majority of NFTx in NFTX vaults are frozen on major NFT market places

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