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Diversified exposure

The Scalara NFT Index offers broad and diversified exposure to floor price NFTs through NFTX vaults.

The first investable NFT index

The Scalara NFT index methodology makes some of the most valuable NFT collections investable and accessible to everyone.

No liquidations

Emergency deleveraging possible during extreme market events for additional safety

No slippage

Zero slippage via composable entry and exit

No downtime

No dependency on availability of user interfaces or high gas fees during times of market distress

No monitoring

No continuous monitoring of the health of the debt position necessary

Diversified exposure

The DeFi Pulse Index offers broad and diversified exposure to the DeFi ecosystem built on Ethereum. Its index constituents offer financial services ranging from permissionless banking, decentralized exchanges, derivative platforms to asset management protocols.

The largest DeFi native index

The DeFi Pulse Index methodology underlies the leading index token in the DeFi space that holds over 50% of all assets tracking onchain basket indices.

Ongoing Index Maintenance

The index is maintained on a quarterly basis in two phases: Determination Phase The Determination Phase takes place during the third week of March, June, September, and December. It is the phase when the changes… Read More »Ongoing Index Maintenance