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Index Calculation

The index value is the spot value of the PONY Index and is calculated with the Laspeyres formula which measures price changes against a fixed quantity weight, the weightfactor. Weightfactor (wf): fixed quantity of tokens… Read More »Index Calculation

Selection Criteria

Starting with a broad universe of yield opportunities, Scalara applies a set of screens to arrive at the final set of eligible yield opportunities: Chain screening To ensure the investability if the index, only yield… Read More »Selection Criteria


PONY Index, the Passive Omnichain Net Yield Index, is a digital asset index designed to provide exposure to high quality USD stablecoin yields from all around the blockchain world.


The index methodology automates the time-consuming and costly job of yield farming, to be investable through a single token.


Attractive yields from all around the blockchain world are collected and made accessible on Ethereum as a single strategy.

Net Yield

Utilizing best-in-class yield farming vaults that optimize the task of reinvesting any distributions, the index does all the work for you.

Secure principal

Above all, the index seeks to minimize the risk of loss to the index notional. High safety standards are applied.

Low cost

Pooling of assets via an index and using auto-compounding vaults socializes a large part of the costs of yield farming.