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Index Calculation

The index value is the spot value of the PONY Index and is calculated with the Laspeyres formula which measures price changes against a fixed quantity weight, the weightfactor. Weightfactor (wf): fixed quantity of tokens… Read More »Index Calculation

Selection Criteria

Starting with a broad universe of yield opportunities, Scalara applies a set of screens to arrive at the final set of eligible yield opportunities: Chain screening To ensure the investability if the index, only yield… Read More »Selection Criteria


PONY Index, the Passive Omnichain Net Yield Index, is a digital asset index designed to provide exposure to high quality USD stablecoin yields from all around the blockchain world.


The index methodology automates the time-consuming and costly job of yield farming, to be investable through a single token.


Attractive yields from all around the blockchain world are collected and made accessible on Ethereum as a single strategy.