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Scalara defi index

Boring, Simple, Automated Crypto?

Here at Scalara, we leverage our traditional finance expertise and crypto-native know-how to deliver some of the most innovative index products in the DeFi space. We’ve developed each index with the investor in mind, and each one addresses a unique need. 

From TradFi to DeFi

Decentralized Finance, or short: DeFi, is slowly expanding its reach into the mainstream (financial) world – time to learn what it is. In order to understand DeFi it is best to start with an overview… Read More »From TradFi to DeFi

Index Calculation

The index value is the spot value of the PONY Index and is calculated with the Laspeyres formula which measures price changes against a fixed quantity weight, the weightfactor. Weightfactor (wf): fixed quantity of tokens… Read More »Index Calculation